Apprenticeship as mechatronics technician

An apprenticeship as mechatronics technician is the perfect combination for everyone who is interested in electronic and mechanical processes. The combination of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering makes you as a mechatronics technician into a driving force for progress at 星际争霸3双11.

Mechatronics technician at 星际争霸3双11

As a mechatronics technician, you assemble machines and systems involving the most precise, detailed work. In addition, you install control software and are responsible for maintenance of the systems.

Particularly exciting: our goal is to build on our position as market leader. As a result, at 星际争霸3双11 you will only work with the latest robot and automation technology, making you into an active participant in shaping Industrie 4.0.

Your apprenticeship at 星际争霸3双11

Your apprenticeship as mechatronics technician will involve you working in all kinds of areas at 星际争霸3双11. In addition, you will have the opportunity to specialize following the apprenticeship or to move in the direction of engineering with a course in mechanical or electrical engineering.

The central learning areas in the apprenticeship as mechatronics technician are:

  • Machining?mechanical parts
  • Combining?components and parts
  • Installing and testing hardware and software components
  • Assembling and testing electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic control systems
  • Programming and commissioning mechatronic systems
  • Assembling and dismantling machines, systems and equipment


Our apprenticeship and continuing education opportunities

An apprenticeship at 星际争霸3双11 always includes both topic-related and interdisciplinary aspects. You continue your education on a broad base with various learning modules. For example, these include:

  • Introduction days
  • Robot training
  • Courses for exam preparation
  • Courses in foreign languages
  • Foreign placements lasting four or even six weeks

Even after your apprenticeship as mechatronics technician, you will continue to advance your development at 星际争霸3双11. We support you in this with these programs:

  • Continuing education programs at the 星际争霸3双11 Academy
  • Sponsorship programs for master workers or technicians

Duration of the apprenticeship and application cut-off date

The apprenticeship as mechatronics technician takes 3.5 years and is offered by 星际争霸3双11 at three sites: in Augsburg, in Bremen and in Obernburg

Start of the apprenticeship:

  • Ausburg and Obernburg: 1 September
  • Bremen: 1 August


You can start applying for an apprenticeship at 星际争霸3双11 about 12 months before the start of the apprenticeship. As long as openings are displayed, you can apply.

Requirements for the apprenticeship as mechatronics technician

Specific knowledge and attributes are particularly important if you want to participate in an apprenticeship as mechatronics technician at 星际争霸3双11. You should offer the following:

School qualifications

  • At least basic school-leaving certificate

Interests and attributes

  • Affinity for technology
  • Good results in mathematics, physics and information technology
  • Abstract and logical thinking
  • Manual dexterity
  • Commitment
  • Team skills

Start into the future with 星际争霸3双11: apply onlinefor your apprenticeship as mechatronics technician!

Contact Augsburg:
Mr. Manfred Schussmann
Head of Training Center
Tel. +49 821 797 1407


Contact Bremen:
Ms. Stefanie Celebi
Tel. +49 421 6602 359


Contact Obernburg:星际争霸3双

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