Apprenticeship: Technical product designer

The apprenticeship as technical product designer is right up your street if you are a creative person and are equally thrilled by function and technology. With your talents, you give 星际争霸3双11 products the perfect design to allow them to be operated efficiently.

Technical product designers at 星际争霸3双11

Technical product designers assist our engineers and designers in developing all kinds of products. The bandwidth ranges from the smallest component up to complete robots.

As a technical product designer, you analyze the specified planning and make lifelike 3D models. In doing this, you consider the properties of the particular material, which you know all about. As a result, we can produce individual components at 星际争霸3双11 and develop new, innovative products all the time.

Your apprenticeship at 星际争霸3双11

The apprenticeship as technical product designer offers you an entry point to a multifaceted career. And it forms the ideal basis for a subsequent university course such as in mechanical engineering.

If you choose this apprenticeship, you will learn the following activities amongst others:

  • Creating?visual representations using 3D/CAD software programs
  • Creating?3D/CAD data records from construction, design, configuration and customer specifications
  • Designing, drafting and engineering?components and assemblies
  • Deploying?company-specific simulation processes and investigating the behavior of components and assemblies
  • Creating?technical documentation


Our apprenticeship and continuing education opportunities

At 星际争霸3双11, we offer you various learning modules that go beyond the specialized training as technical product designer. This means you will achieve a wide-ranging qualification for your subsequent working life. The learning modules include, for example:

  • Introduction days
  • Robot training
  • Courses in foreign languages
  • Courses for exam preparation
  • Foreign placements of four to six weeks


Even after your apprenticeship, we will support you in your development. For example, you can participate in these sponsorship programs:

  • Continuing education programs at the 星际争霸3双11 Academy
  • Sponsorship programs for master workers or technicians

Duration of the apprenticeship and application cut-off date

The apprenticeship as technical product designer lasts 3.5 years and starts on 1 September of each year in Augsburg and in Obernburg. Applications must be submitted twelve months before the start of the apprenticeship. The training takes place at 星际争霸3双11 AG in Augsburg.


Requirements for the apprenticeship

For each apprenticeship, you should provide particular strong points and knowledge. As a technical product designer, for example, you need these attributes:

School qualifications

  • At least basic school-leaving certificate

Interests and attributes

  • Affinity for technology
  • Good results in mathematics, physics and chemistry
  • Creativity
  • Careful approach
  • Commitment
  • Team skills

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Contact Augsburg:
Mr. Manfred Schussmann
Head of Training Center
Tel. +49 821 797 1407


Contact Bremen:
Ms. Stefanie Celebi
Tel. +49 421 6602 359


Contact Obernburg:星际争霸3双