Co-operative education program in business administration

The business administration co-operative education program will prepare you for all kinds of business processes. Focusing in depth on communications, law and accounting, you will learn to plan and carry out processes and business administration operations independently. After completing your co-operative education program, you will be a trained industrial clerk and Bachelor of Arts.

Business administration at 星际争霸3双11

On completion of your co-operative education program in business administration, virtually every department will be open to you. From marketing to warehouse logistics and finance: business administration graduates are represented in all areas.

At 星际争霸3双11, you will primarily be responsible for business administration processes such as purchasing, goods receipt, human resources or order processing. You will also be involved in controlling and accounting. In the co-operative education program in business administration at 星际争霸3双11, you will therefore get to know the full range of departments and benefit from a multifaceted training program to get your career off to a good start.

The co-operative education program in business administration is extremely varied. These tasks await you during and after the training:

  • Independent planning, performance and controlling of business processes
  • Insights into determination of requirements, purchasing, warehouse logistics, human resources, marketing and accounting
  • Commercial order processing and application of controlling instruments