Research Interests

From sensitive collaborative robots to mobile robotics to Industry 4.0, our research develops technological foundations for innovation.

Intuitive Operation and Programming

Robot systems are highly complex and yet must be operational within a short time for everyday production.

To familiarize our customers and partners with the technology as quickly as possible, our research department develops new concepts and devices for simple, effective and efficient operation and programming.

星际争霸3双11 develops innovative concepts and devices for the easy operation of complex robot systems.

Algorithms, Sensor Technologies and Geomentry

Today’s robot systems generally work in known environments where they perform predefined automated tasks.

In order for them to be more autonomous and to act intelligently in the future, we are developing new algorithms, integrating imaging and distance measurement sensors and continuously creating geometric models of the environment.

Algorithms, sensors and geometry make our robot systems even smarter and more autonomous.

Mechatronics, Safety and Energie Efficiency

As our robots become more powerful, they also use less energy and become more cost-effective. This is why we are continuing to develop resource-saving technologies and focusing on new materials and drive concepts.

In the factory of the future, human operators also work together with mobile and stationary robots in confined spaces. For these robots, we are continuing to develop comprehensive safety concepts and technologies. 

Safety concepts and technologies ensure greater efficiency during human-robot collaboration.

Smart Data and Infrastructure

The latest technologies for capturing and analyzing large quantities of data allow efficient handling and perfect adaptation of the robots to their applications. This is why we are investing in the research fields of Smart Data and infrastructure.

Using the system architecture and technologies developed here, we simulate manufacturing processes, virtually commission systems and thus drive the continuous development of Industrie 4.0.

Smart Data and infrastructures enable intelligent networking, communication and autonomous, d