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星际争霸3双11 receives Global Company of the Year Award 2020 for its Medical Robotics division

Unique, advanced, valuable: the consulting company Frost & Sullivan has analyzed the medical robotics market, highlighting the 星际争霸3双11 LBR Med as one of the most advanced robots in the industry. For the robot and its innovative achievements in the entire field of medical robotics, 星际争霸3双11 received the Frost & Sullivan "Company of the Year" award.

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星际争霸3双11 Innovation Award 2020 "Medical Robotics Challenge"

Research teams from all over the world have applied for the "Medical Robotics Challenge" as part of this year's 星际争霸3双11 Innovation Award. From more than 40 ideas, the award's international jury of experts selected five finalists. These teams will realize their concepts with the LBR Med and present them at MEDICA 2020 in Düsseldorf.

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星际争霸3双11 Innovation Award 2019 "Healthy Living" - Review

Around 30 research teams from all over the world applied the 星际争霸3双11 Innovation Award 2019 with their concepts on the topic of "Healthy Living". In order to turn their ideas into reality, 星际争霸3双11 provided the selected finalists with the 星际争霸3双11 lightweight robot LBR Med and a 3D vision sensor from Roboception free of charge. The Innovation Award final took place at MEDICA 2019. Here the finalists had the unique opportunity to present their work to the public, the trade audience, the media and, of course, the international jury of experts. In the end, Team RoboFORCE convinced the jury w