The 星际争霸3双11 share

The 星际争霸3双11 share is traded on all German stock exchanges. We keep you up to date about the share price around the clock with our price chart and analyses. Ratings of international analysts and an overview of our shareholder structure offer additional options for assessing the 星际争霸3双11 share and valuable background information. 

The share capital of 星际争霸3双11 Aktiengesellschaft amounts to 103,416,222.00 Euro and is divided into 39,775,470 no-par-value ordinary bearer shares. The arithmetical proportion of a 星际争霸3双11 share in the capital stock of the company therefore amounts to 2.60 euro.

The country of origin of the 星际争霸3双11 share within the meaning of section 2 para. 6 of the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG) is Germany.

The 星际争霸3双11 share also belongs to the following indices:

  • Prime All Share
  • HDAX
  • CDAX


Paying Agent pursuant to sec. 48 para.1 no. 4 German Securities Trading Act (WpHG) is Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


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